Parents Oliver Christoper Z. Landagan
Emily 0. Landagan
First of all I want to say many thanks to the principal of the school. My daughter is Juliana Isabella 0. Landagan, she is Preparatory and under the class of Teacher Shalini. I am very happy with the care and teaching of Hope Montessori. With them, we have seen her talents and what she likes and interest. She feels secure and confident in the school especially when it comes to her teacher, classmates, and school staff and with the school itself.

Once again, many thanks to the school and we suggest the parents to give their admission in the HOPE MONTESSORI Nursery. Keep up the good work coz we need more nurseries like Hope Montessori Nursery. More power...

Parent Madalena
I Madalena, mother of Nina Mercedes, I would like to take this opportunity regarding the Hope Montessori Nursery.

The time my daughter was in the Nursery (2Years), she found and got good treatment of all aspects from all the Nurseries, and my daughter was happy the good education that she got from them.

I'm giving this information as a mother through my daughter side, the well training that she got makes both of us very happy.

I hope for Hope Montessori Nursery, to continue and successful of their mission on the year coming.

Best wishes.

Parent Rajib Kundu
As parents we are very glad that Shristi enjoys going to Pamela Teacher's class. She gets very excited when she leave the house and can't wait to go to school. We believe this experience is invaluable for her future development and will euip her well for her primary schooling. We are fortunate that she is part of an Institution of such high caliber. We can say that "Hope Montessori" is doing its best to take care of the children's well being in a thoroughly child friend atmosphere.

Parents Mr. Rohith.V
Mrs. Aparna Rohith
Its with the greatful heart that we are writing this thank you letter. We are so happy that in Ameya’s 1 and half years at Hope Montessori, she had been in good care. We know she is well taught and loved by all. She loved all at Hope dearly and was keen in coming to the nursery everyday. We specially want to thank Vandana Miss and Rekha Miss who not only took good care of Ameya and taught her lot of things but also gave as many helpful advice. We benefit a lot from the expertise of early child education. Their love, care and patience reflect well on Ameya. She loves both of you immensely. She will definitely miss you. We would love to thank all the staff and assistant teachers at Hope Montessori. Last but not the least we thank Niloofer madam for constant support and love extended to all the children at Hope Montessori. Thank you Hope Montessori Nursery for nurturing Ameya well. .

Parents Jai Naik
My daughter, Anushri Naik, was privileged to be studying at “Hope Montessori Nursery” for the last 4 months. I would like to place on record that my daughter had not got through her admission to The Indian High School for KG1 in November’16 and the performance of her at the interview was not up to the mark as told by The Indian High School. Thereafter I was fortunate to get a second chance for an interview by the end of January’17. In the interim period , you had given her admission at Hope Montessori Nursery which enabled her to do very well in her next interview and she is admitted to The Indian High School now. I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to the Management and Staff of Hope Montessori Nursery on admitting my child mid-way and infusing confidence in the short period for her to come through in flying colors.

Parents Roanna Angtuaco
We would like to thank you for your passion that motivates Samuel to excel, patience to teach him, support in school activities and concern on his health and well-being. I believe that a good school foundation in a child comes from the teacher. You make the school a place where he wants to go happily, out of choice. We, as parents, would like to congratulate you for the success of our child. .